Sonic The Hedgehog Figure

Sonic the Hedgehog doll merchandise, made of the popularity of the series.

Aside Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog is the most popular game hero all time. He scored many points in rankings and votings list in game-sites, and is the 2nd best selling series ever.

About Sonic the HedgehogEdit

According to various official materials from Sega, Sonic is described as a character who is "like the wind":[24] a drifter who lives as he wants,[25] and makes life a series of events and adventures.[1] Sonic hates oppression and staunchly defends freedom.[26] Although he is mostly easy-going[25] he has a short temper[25] and is often impatient with slower things.[24] Sonic is a habitual daredevil hedgehog who is honest, loyal to friends, keeps his promises,[1] and dislikes tears.[27] He took the young Tails under his wing like a little brother,[28] but is uninterested in marital proposals from Amy Rose.[29] In times of crisis, he focuses intensely on the challenge[24] as if his personality had undergone an astonishing change.[1]

Sonic is known as the world's fastest hedgehog.[26] Sonic's greatest strength is his running speed, which is faster than the speed of sound.[27] Many of his abilities are variations on the tendency for hedgehogs to roll into tight balls for protection with the addition of spinning his body. Since his introduction in 1991's Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic's primary offensive maneuver is the basic "Spin Attack" (or "Sonic Spin Attack").[30] Later games in the series expanded on this basic attack and two of these enhancements have become mainstays of his: the Spin Dash which was introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and involves Sonic spinning on the spot before blasting off at full speed,[31] and the Homing Attack, officially introduced in Sonic Adventure, in which Sonic dashes in midair toward a target.[26] However, Sonic's weakness is that he can't swim, sinking like a rock if plunged to a deep body of water.[27] However, he can overcome said weakness by running on the surface of water.

When seven Chaos Emeralds are collected in most Sonic games, Sonic can initiate a super transformation into Super Sonic, a faster and invulnerable version of himself that can fly.[32] In the 2D games, he enters Super Sonic mode after collecting 50 Rings; in the 3D games where Super Sonic is playable, he starts off in the form with 50 Rings. While transformed, Sonic slowly loses Rings during the time he is in the form and returns to normal when all the Rings are used up; the player can collect more Rings during this time to keep him as Super Sonic. Super Sonic (from Sonic Adventure and all games, both 2D and 3D, that followed) is usually only in the last level and can not be played as outside of it.

Sonic Trivia'sEdit

  • There is a hedgehog genome named Sonic hedgehog.[2]
  • Only his English Sonic CD voice is discredited.
  • Sonic could have been a very different franchise had some of the concepts thrown about before the release of Sonic the Hedgehog was released in 1991 actually been used which was being in a band (with an early prototype of Vector the Crocodile and saving a lady named Madonna.
  • Sonic was the first of two video game characters to appear in the Macy's Day parade. (The second was Pikachu from the Pokemon franchise.)
  • Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic Unleashed (while in Werehog-Form) are the only 4 games where Sonic is wearing different shoes.
  • Sonic is the second prominent character to die onscreen (the first being E-102 Gamma) after being impaled in Sonic 06.
  • Sonic has the most tranformations in the whole series (5 - Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Darkspine Sonic, Excaliber-Sonic & Werehog). All other characters with transformations have either two or one.
  • Curiously, Sonic's first appearance in games wasn't in Sonic The Hedgehog, but in RAD MOBILE.
  • In Sonic Adventure 2, when Sonic closes his eyes, his eyelides are the same color as his arms and muzzle, just like in the original game.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog (game) Japanese instruction booklet it says that he was 10 years old.
  • In Sonic Chronicles, Sonic is the only character with a POW Move that uses four characters (Hail Storm: Himself, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy).
  • Sonic's shoe buckles were first thought up when he was first conceived. He was not shown with them until official artwork in 1993.
  • One of his Sonic X artworks bears a striking resemblance to one of his Sonic Adventure artworks, (the same can be said about Big, Eggman and Rouge.)
  • Usually, in Sonic's 2D artworks or cutscenes, Sonic's soles are gray but in 3D cutscenes and artworks they are white. But in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) they are white and have pink markings.
  • An interview with Yuji Naka in the Sonic Central website states that Sonic enjoys to eat a McDonald burger "Happy Meal".
  • Sonic favoite food is chili dogs.
  • According to an interview in Sonic Central, Sonic does not know the whereabouts of Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite.
  • In Sonic Rush, if you tap Sonic with the stylus during gameplay, he would clap, jump back and foward, then he'll continuously swing his arm clock-wise.
  • Originally, Sonic was supposed to have visible fangs. Although he does have fangs, they are only visible when he opens his mouth. Before, his fangs were supposed to be visible even when the mouth is closed. [citation needed]
  • Sonic has tied for 10th best selling series with Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda.
  • In the game "Little Big Planet", you can know customize the sackboy in to a type of Sonic the Hedgehog, along with other costumes such as Knuckles, Tails, Eggman and Sonic the Werehog.
  • In the movie Jingle All The Way, Sonic can be seen in the parade before Turboman,with a brief cameo, along with other famous characters.
  • Sonic's age has always been a tricky one to pinpoint. According to the Sonic Technical Files, it says he is 18, "but it's kinda hard to tell." In a video for those who preordered Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in Japan, Sonic's age was listed as being "15~16." Once Sonic Jam was released, it looked like it was solidified at 16, but with the Sonic Adventure era, his age is now listed as 15.


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